Saturday, 8 July 2006

Gunung Irau 2,110m 2006

Date: 08.Jul.06 - 09.Jul.06
Altitude: 2,110m ASL
Difficulty: 4.6/10

These are unsorted, unselected pictures from my Cam..... everything's here.
Gunung Irau 2110M is located at Cameron Highlands, uphill trek takes 3-4 hours.
On Gunung Irau the starting point is already so high that we were among the moss immediately. The trees here are literally covered in moss. It grows in great, green, cushiony clumps, as wet as unsqueezed out sponges. Fringes and curtains of moss hang among the trees and little beards of it sway in the breeze. It's impossible to count how many different shades of green there are, or describe just how brilliant the green is sometimes. It's really magical, like walking in a fairytale forest.

Aside from the magic, there is mud. All that water in the moss is right there in the ground too. Some of the ground is so soft that it sinks like a mattress when you stand on it. The rest of the ground is so soggy that the mud will come over our boots if we step on it.
Then there are all the fallen trees and tangles of exposed roots which block the path and have to be clambered over. Some parts of the path are almost vertical and we have to climb up using roots as handholds. This is one of those treks where arm muscles ache as much as leg muscles the next day!


Monday, 3 July 2006

Gunung Ayam 1,504m

Date: 03 Jun 06 - 04 Jun 06
Location: Gunung Ayam, Kelantan
From: Mount Stong State Park, Dabong, Kelantan
Altitude: 1,504m ASL
Difficulty: 6.5/10 (
Hike duration: 2D/1N
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Filter: Hoya CPL
Post editing: PS CS2
Organizer: Kenny Sin(AH) - they were also there, so we trailed them
Members: Dan, Lucy, Ewe Cheong, Kah Fai and KL Tan
Guide: NIL
Reason of my visit: Heard it is nice up there, wanted to try hiking with full load

Gunung Ayam 1,504m is located in Kelantan, 5 hours drive from Butterworth, Penang. 
From Grik to Jeli then to the base of Jelawang waterfall is where we started the hike up to this very beautiful mountain. It takes approximately 1-2 hours to hike from the park entrance to Baha’s camp (the base camp) and another 5-6 hours to the summit of Gunung Ayam. We camped at the false peak and visit the summit the next morning.

Most of the trekkers will set their base camp at the top of Jelawang waterfall to have a easy journey. The junction to G.Ayam 1,504m & G.Stong 1,433m at one hour distance after the Base camp. The trek to Gunung Ayam is more challenging and arduous than Gunung Stong trek because take about 3 hour to the summit of Gunung Stong but 6 hour to the top of Gunung Ayam.

These pictures were taken at Gunung Ayam Kelantan during my hiking trip there. Gunung Ayam has these very unique Ferns(蕨类植物的叶子) growing near the summit region, I have not seen these type of fern else where so far...