Friday, 31 August 2007

Gunung Ulu Sepat 2,161m

Date: 31 Aug 2007 - 2 Sep 2007
Location: Gunung Ulu Sepat, Perak
From: Kg Lelar, Tasik Temenggor
Altitude: 2,160m ASL
Difficulty: 7.4/10

Hike duration: 3D/2N
A.K.A.: G7 of Semenanjung Malaysia
A.K.A.: G12 of Malaysia
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Filter: Hoya CPL
Post editing: PS CS2
Organizer: CS Law
Members: Kah Fai, Sam, Kean, YK Khor, Dan, Lucy, Doreen, Uncle Yong and Uncle Lau
Guide: 1 orang asli guide
My reason to go there: To complete G12, I have to conquer it because it is one of the “G” mountains. Also because the entrance of this mountain is via the Termenggor Lake.

Ulu Sepat is the 7th highest peak in West Malaysia at 2,161m in Perak. Our journey starts from Grik -> Banding -> Tasik Temenggor -> Kg. Lelar -> Camp LanWeng -> Ulu Sepat Summit -> Camp LanWeng -> Kg. Lelar -> Tasik Temenggor -> TNB jetty -> Grik

31th Aug 07
07:15 - 08:20 (1:05:00) BKE Shell station – Grik
09:20 - 10:00 (0:40:00) Grik – Banding Jetty
10:15 - 12:00 (1:45:00) Banding Jetty – Pos Kemar
13:10 - 13:45 (0:35:00) Pos Kemar – Kg Lelar
14:14 - 18:10 (3:56:00) Kg Lelar(460m) – Camp Lanweng(1040m)

1st Sep 07
08:45 - 12:30 (3:45:00) Camp Lanweng(1040m) – Ulu Sepat Summit(2160m)
11:30 Last water point(1620m) (10mins down)
13:30 - 16:45 (3:15:00) Ulu Sepat Summit(2160m) – Camp Lanweng(1040m)

2nd Sep 07
09:30 - 12:45 (3:15:00) Camp Lanweng(1040m) – Kg. Lelar(460m)
14:00 - 14:50 (0:50:00) Kg. Lelar – Pos Kemar
15:10 - 16:30 (1:20:00) Pos Kemar – TNB Jetty
16:30 - 17:00 (0:30:00) 2nd Sep 07 TNB Jetty – Grik

Rewards of this trip
1. Beautiful beautiful mossy forest near the summit region
2. Nice river by Kem Lanweng
3. Nice boat ride on Tasik Temenggor, very scenic
4. Scenic Kg. Lelar
5. Short 45mins 4x4 ride
6. Met up with a group of 7 nice hikers from Johore/S'pore, very sporting and nice ppl

Challenges of this trip
1. Agas-agas(sand flies) at Kem Lanweng, it was very irritating. Itches for several weeks
2. Very unlucky to bump into a group of un-sporting hikers from KL who do not like to share campsite, unfriendly, talk bad about others and are so "kia-su" they would hike so fast to the summit to take up all the best places. Really disappointed to know there are such a type of hikers
3. It rained most of the time during our descend
4. It rained very heavily from Pos Kemar to TNB Jetty, it was a very cold 2 hrs on the boat.

Overall cost per person was RM166.65(driver) + RM17.65(for passenger)

- Guide Fees 3D2N: RM180.00/10pax [Orang asli guide cost RM60.00/day]
- 4WD: from Pos Kemar - Kg Lelar x 2 ways - RM200.00/10pax
- Boat: from Banding Jetty – Pos Kemar x 2 ways - RM450.00/10pax
- Van: from Grik – Banding Jetty x 2 ways - RM250.00/10pax
- Entrance fees: NIL
- Camp site fees: NIL
- Permit fees: FOC
- Food: approx. RM28.00/person
- Transport: Passangers AA share petrol + tol cost - Drivers don't pay - RM17.65 each passanger

I like Ulu Sepat. It is has some very beautiful mossy forest. The hike difficulty level is perhaps equivalent to the other G mountains like Yong Yap, slightly harder than Chamah.
But I don't think I would ever wanna go back to Ulu Sepat because of the notorious sandflies, they were ruthless.


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Bukit Kutu 1,053m & Chilling

Trip Start: 18 Aug 2007 (Day trip to Bukit Kutu and camp at Sungai Chilling)
Trip End: 19 Aug 2007 (Day trip to Chilling Waterfalls)
Location: Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor
Altitude: 1,053m ASL
Difficulty: 4.7/10
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Filter: Hoya CPL
Post editing: PS CS2
Organizer: Micheal Phoon

Bukit Kutu (1053M ASL) and Sungai Chilling are both near Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. It was used as a British administration station to overlook Kuala Kubu Bahru in the 1900's. It was destroyed during the war. Trekking up to the summit takes like 4 hours, moderate difficulty trail.
Sungai Chilling(Chilling River) is located between Kuala Kubu Bahru and Fraser Hill. Is just few hundred meters away from Kg. Pertak.
The place is good for people who want to camp or trek to the Chilling waterfall. A 45 minutes easy trek & few river crossing will reach the waterfall.

Credit goes to Kenneth, Zillion thank you for arranging/guiding this trip, we appreciate it a lot.