Thursday, 2 December 2010

Anilao 2010

Date: 02 Dec 2010 – 07 Dec 2010
Location: Anilao, Philippine
Camera: Canon G10 + Canon Casing
Strobe: Fantasea Single Nano Strobe Set
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3
No. of dives: 18

glossodoris cinta

jorunna funebris

My reason to go there:
I have seen and heard about the rich array macro critters there, and I like visiting the Philippines …..

- Visibility was pretty good ranging from 8m to 20m, depending of the dive sites
- Coral reefs are healthy
- Rich array of marine life … good mix of reef species and muck critters.
- The dive operator was very good, food was exceptional !!
- Very nice local DM, boatman and resort staffs
- A lot of nudibranches .... very happy:)
- Swam with a giant black frog fish, it was cool
- Swam with a nice cuttlefish
- Swam with a hawksbill turtle
- Saw hundreds/thousands of Tangs mating at one evening dive
- Saw my first Cometfish (but no picture)
- Saw my first Purple Pygmy SeaHorse(but no picture), those I have seen before was pink, dark color, yellow...
- Saw the largest Giant Clams ever! 4ft across.. it could probably eat me lol
- First time diving in a dive site is a helicopter, a truck and a Toyota hilux wreck 
- Lots of other wrecks 
- I would love to go back to this place
- Water temperature 25-27c


ardeadoris egretta

glossodoris atromarginata

glossodoris atromarginata

glossodoris cruentus

aplysia kurodai

chromodoris lochi

chromodoris dianae

chromodoris willani

chromodoris magnifica

chromodoris michaeli

chromodoris michaeli

phyllidia ocellata

phyllidia elegans

nembrotha lineolata

nembrotha chamberlaini

pteraeolidia ianthina

phyllidia coelestis

phyllidiella pustulosa