Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Date: 15 Dec 2009 - 20 Dec 2009
Location: Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Camera: Canon G10 + Canon Casing
Strobe: Fantasea Single Nano Strobe Set
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3

No. of dives: 12 [LOB]
Accessibility to dive sites: 6.0
Marine Animal Density: 8.4
Dive site terrain Quality: 9.2
Marine Animal Diversity: 8.8
Visibility: 8.0
Overall Score: 8.1

Entry: Boat
Difficulty: Experienced AOW divers
Dive Sites: Drift/Walls/Fringing reefs/Pinnacles/Muck

My reason to go there
Komodo is like the lost world to me, I wanted to see the underwater habitat of Komodo, they must be rich.

- Komodo is beautiful both above and below. Surface intervals is equally interesting as the bottom time. 
- I’m really glad to see >12 Manta rays in a dive, sometimes circling in groups, sometimes howering in a roll againts the current.
- Chasing dolphins !! 
> Video 1: http://danlow.multiply.com/video/item/86
> Video 2: http://danlow.multiply.com/video/item/85
- Komodo Dragons are huge! But not as ferocious as I once thought.
- Traveling to Komodo and back to Penang was pheuuuu.... tiring.