Saturday, 29 August 2009

Gunung Tok Nenek 1,916m

Date: 29 Aug 2009 - 31 Aug 2009 [3D/2N]
Location: Gunung Tok Nenek@Table & Chair, from Pos Brooks, Cameron Highlands
Altitude: 1,916m ASL
Difficulty: 6.3/10 (
Camera: Canon Powershot G10
Organizer: Lucy
Members: , Khai Chern, Lucy, Dan, Pek Chin, CY, Hooi and uncle Yong
Guide: 1 Orang Asli
My reason to go there: Never thought of going there before actually. But the Gunung Mulu + Tambuyukon hiking trip members wanna meet up, as some of them are from KL. However we failed to meet up with the other 3 members from KL, as their car broke down along the way. So the original 10 man team was down to 7.
Glad to bump into Evie and V at Gunung Tok Nenek, the hiking circle is small..

.... from the summit of Gunung Tok Nenek we could actually see all of the Malaysian peninsular G7, from Gunung Tahan, Korbu, Gayong, YB, Ulu Sepat, Chamah, YY…. To other less known mountains like Bubu, Junction, Brinchang, Irau, Tangga, Swettenham ….. There is a possibility of seeing Benum & Batu Puteh too, but I wasn’t sure which one at that time…. It was absolutely spectacular up there, especially meaningful if you know all the neighbors surrounding it.
Day 1
10:00 AM 4WD pick up from Pos Brooke
10:45 AM 4WD reach Pos Renggil
11:00 AM 700m Start hike not far after Pos Renggil
1:30 PM 800m Lunch break by river
5:30 PM 1080m Reach 1st night campsite
5:45 PM Pitch tent/flysheet
6:15 PM Bath by the river
6:30 PM Prepare dinner
7:45 PM Dinner
9:30 PM Tong sui/coffee/chit-chat time
11:00 PM zzzZZZZ

Day 2
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Break tent/fly and ready for hike
10:15 AM 1080m Start ascending
12:30 PM Lunch break in the jungle
1:00 PM 1360m Reach 2nd last water point 
1:10 PM 1380m Reach last water point and break for 10 minutes
2:55 PM 1800m Reach 2nd night campsite by the huge rock
3:20 PM 1916m Reach the summit of Table and Chair and break for photos taking and enjoy the view
4:50 PM Descend back to 2nd night campsite 
5:00 PM 1800m Reach 2nd night campsite by the huge rock
5:30 PM Pitch tent and fly near the rock
6:30 PM Prepare dinner
7:30 PM Dinner time
8:30 PM Coffee, tong sui time and chit-chat
10:00 PM zzzzZZZZZ

Day 3
6:50 AM 1800m Wake up and hike to summit for sunrise
7:05 AM 1916m Reach summit for sunrise
7:55 AM 1800m Descend back to campsite
8:10 AM Break fly, prepare to descend and prepare for coffee
9:30 AM 1800m Start to desend from campsite
10:30 AM 1380m Reach LWP and cook/have breakfast
11:30 PM 1380m Continue to descend
1:18 PM 1080m Reach 1st campsite
4:30 PM 700m Reach starting point of hike near to Pos Renggil, 4WD already waiting there to take us to Pos Brooke
5:15 PM Reach Pos Brooke School and bathe at Asli's house
6:30 PM Dinner at the restaurant next to Guan Di Temple
8:00 PM Leave for home 
yepp .. that's the summit of Tok Nenek A.K.A. Table and Chair

Rewards of this trip 
- Good and clear sky
- Superb view from the summit of Gunung Tok Nenek
- Relatively easy hiking trail
- Met lots of hiking friends
- No leeches (or very few)

Challenges of this trip 
- A lot of sandflies at 1st campsite
- There is a vertical climb 30 mins from the summit, it is quite dangerous over there..
- Orang Asli at Pos Brooks are $ face, and will try to potong everyone, beware!
- hmmmm that's all I guess, everything else was good...
our orang Asli guide sharpening his machete 

- 4WD Fee: RM150.00
- Entrance fee: 2 x RM15.00 (volunteer amount paid to the Asli to take care of our cars)
- Camp site fee: NIL
- Guide fee: 3 days x RM100.00
- Food: RM270 
- Porters: NIL
beautiful bunch of wild Zingiber spectabile or Beehive Ginger flower

- Day 1 – 30 minutes 4x4 , 6 hours flat hike to 1st campsite by the river
- Day 2 – 4.5 hours hike up to 2nd campsite, 15 minutes to summit from there, 15 minutes back
- Day 3 - 15 minutes to summit, 15 minutes back, 7 hours descend to starting point, 30 minutes 4x4 
- The campsite near summit is not very spacious, 1 fly + 2 small tent is the max
- Kem Kambing near to the summit may be able to fit 8 people
- Guides + porters can be hired from Pos Brooks at RM100/day
- We can see all G7 mountains from the summit