Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Song Song Island

flathead fish

Date: 1 May 2012
Location: Pulau Song Song and Tukun Terendak, Kedah
Camera: Canon G10 + Canon Casing
Strobe: Fantasea Single Nano Strobe Set
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3
No. of dives: 2

Pulau Song Song is situated about an hour slow boat ride to the west of Yan, Kedah, south west of Song Song there is a rocky outcrop called Tukun Terendak, we did our first dive there. To the south of Song Song there are another 2 islands, Pulau Telor and Pulau Bidan, we didn’t dive there, but I believe it would also be interesting to dive there too.

From Song Song we could see Gunung Jerai from the west, it looked gorgeous from that direction. There is this waterfall perhaps several hundred meter ASL, and at least a hundred meter tall that is visible even from Song song … I wonder what is that waterfall called? Batu Hampar?

Wikimapia: http://wikimapia.org/#lat=5.8005523&lon=100.2796316&z=15&l=0&m=b

My reason to go there:
Heard some good reviews from friends who have been there, I’m curious and of coz always happy to dive…

- As expected visibility was between 1m - 5m, I’m happy with it.
- A DIY trip, we rented our own tanks and boats, no DM. 
- I love it when I have control over my dives, be able to stay at one place as long as I want and decide for myself the dive profile. 
- Loads of flatheads, flounders, soles, mussels/clams, mantis shrimps, sea urchins and other unusual stuffs…..
- Although shallow, experienced divers will find diving here fascinating. Less experienced divers might not see what they came for as viz is low, good buoyancy is required to see things a lot closer than usual.
- Good size hard and soft corals around Tukun Terendak (from 6m to 1m).
- Harvesting pen shells from 3-4m of water(free diving) was fun but tiring.
- Pen shell sashimi with wasabii and shoyu source was out of the world!
- Water temperature 28c, comfortable.
- Great dive gang, although they were mostly strangers to me.
- Special thanks to 北马潜客diving group for arranging this trip AA non-profit trip and inviting me to join.
- I wish to go back to this place soon! Perhaps arrange my own AA non-profit trip and bring my good friends there.



  1. wao~ look interesting Dan. which dive center you going with? can i have the contact?

  2. Elaine .... I followed a group from CARI.com.my Forum called 北马潜客 there, they are a non-profit group, so there was no dive guide/DM/DI ...

  3. i see.... i found a divecenter in Penang, might go for a day trip if they want to arrange it.

  4. ya, u heard about them? they ok?

  5. Not only heard, but I took my PADI OW there >8 years ago ... they are very experienced DM/DI for sure, if you are ok with the quoted price then should be ok ..

  6. sob sob~ i wrote them email, but no news from them so far.

  7. I ask for u la .. how many of you? This place need you to be a advance or experienced diver huh .. .viz is very bad, lost buddy is almost like 90% can happen, so only the good divers should join...

  8. 3 of us. me and one of it very experience, both photographer. the other one abit fresh. maybe the DM have to take care abit lo~ help me ask ask. we will want to dive on 23rd Dec 2012. thanks.

  9. thanks Den, they reply me already.

  10. oh cool ... what's the deal, may be I can join too ... it is just 1 hr drive from my home.

  11. RM250 (own equipment), RM290 (equipment included), 2 dives + drink and fruits for interval.

    come join us.

    oh,. how is the boat dive there? got ladder to climb back up? i got scared of climbing over to boat, i experience it before in some small place.

  12. ohh ok .. I check check see can join or not .. .TQ hmmm fishing boats ... got ladder one.

  13. good to hear, hope to dive with you in Dec~