Friday, 16 September 2011

Gunung Liang 1,933m

Date: 16 - 18 Sep 2011
Location: Gunung Liang, from Proton City, Behrang
Altitude: 1,933m ASL
Campsite: At the summit of Liang West, good for 3 tents. Campsite is open, beware of lightning.
LWP: 3 hours before summit at 1,300m ASL
Difficulty: 7.1/10 (
Hike duration: 3D2N
Camera: Canon Powershot G10
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3
Members: Dan, James, Mickey, Chee Siang, Triptipal Singh, Lee Pui Mei
My reason to go there: Never been there, love to see what the place is like. I miss hiking mountains, camping, leeches, sandflies, water points, cooking, sleeping under the flysheet, my GPS, the feeling, etc…

view from the summit of Liang West

like a cluster of corals

some pretty nice mossy forest near the summit region

a patch of rain cloud

a relaxing evening at the summit of Liang West

armor plated insect, very prehistoric looking, perhaps they didn't change much since billions of years ago

Genting highlands can be seen on a clear sky day .. from Liang

a cluster of mushrooms, they are poisonous I think

laichee looking fruits are the fruits of the Rotan(we use to make furniture)

a break by the river, members busy removing leeches from their legs

The map .. it all started from Proton City, Behrang

Date & Time Altitude Notes
9/16/2011 8:14 179 m Getting to the starting point can be done by car, however the road condition is not good, so a 4WD would be ideal. A new car will be painful, however u can still get there with an old car… :) There is ample space for perhaps 5-8 cars. The trail started at a small water collection area, sort of a small dam. The trail is clear, there are 4 river crossings and a lot of leeches.
9/16/2011 13:28 1298 m LWP is easy to spot, marked by empty water bottles. The area above the LWP is a nice flat area, good for 10 or more tents
9/16/2011 16:34 1933 m Arrive at the summit of Gunung Liang West, camping space is rather limited, good for perhaps 3 tents. The view from here is great.
9/17/2011 9:26 1933 m The next morning, we leave Gunung Liang West and headed north in search of Gunung Tumang Batak. Non of us have been there.
9/17/2011 9:34 1933 m Few minutes from Liang West, there is Liang East which stands equally tall as its twin(Liang West, 1933m). Unlike Liang West, the Beirut of Liang East is covered within tall mossy forest trees, it is very pretty up there.
9/17/2011 10:42 1686 m So we headed north-west, the trail was covered with thick vegetation at many areas, cutting our way thru ferns, rotans, fallen trees, etc was energy draining. .. However all looks ok until the trail started to turn west and it was descending following a ridge, we knew obviously we were on the wrong trail, further check on our GPS contour map confirms that, so we decided to make a U-turn..
9/17/2011 11:13 1801 m Back tracked to an earlier junction, and got back on the correct path…… more chopping ….
9/17/2011 11:37 1697 m Reach another junction; we took a gamble with the right path… and more chopping….
9/17/2011 12:06 1657 m Damn after 20 mins, we knew it was the wrong one again, as it was going down on another ridge …. So we made a U-turn again…
9/17/2011 12:25 1695 m We back track and returned to the earlier junction, I decided to return to the campsite at this point, I figure that even if we were able to find the correct trail to Tumang Batak at this point, it will be dark before we could return to the campsite. Triptipal Singh followed me back to the campsite. James wanted to push on, Mickey and Chee Siang followed James. (We reach camp at about 1:30pm). I handed my GPS unit to James, as my unit has contour map on it.
9/17/2011 13:27 1823 m James, Mickey & Chee Siang continued and reach an unknown peak, which is on the correct way to Tumang Batak. However Mickey and Chee Siang decided to return to campsite there. James pushed on alone. (Mickey & Chee Siang reach camp at about 3:30pm)
9/17/2011 15:36 1617 m James now only has about 20% more distant to cover, however as an experienced hiker, he knows time is not on his side and without a headlamp he has got to return. So James made a u-turn and return to campsite. (James reach camp at about 6:45pm)
9/18/2011 10:11 1933 m After a good night sleep and breakfast, we break camp and started the long descend journey
9/18/2011 15:33 180 m It was drizzling when we got to our cars, leeches were everywhere. After a fast clean up by the river we headed out to civilization and a good meal at Ulu Yam (Loh Mee and other local delicacies)


Friday, 29 April 2011

Gunung Murud 2,423m

Date: 29 Apr 2011 – 07 May 2011
Location: Gunung Murud, from Bario to Ba’Kelalan, Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak
Altitude: 2,423m
Difficulty: 8.1/10 (
Hike duration: 5D4N
Camera: Canon Powershot G10
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3

Members: Dan, Khai Chern, Lucy, Ah Kau, Ah Tut, KL Tan, Steven, Uncle Yong and Lam WS
Guide: Veno + Edwin(porter) + Tony(porter)

My reason to go there: Of coz to complete my Malaysia G12, as this is the last of the 12 tallest mountains in Malaysia for me to hike. I have heard of the beautiful scenery there, a lot of pitcher plants and the serene atmosphere of the villages. It would be the perfect get away.

My thoughts: Honestly I almost had an heart attack at some point of this trip due to many uncertainties, incoming flight could be canceled due to bad weather, porters did not wanna continue due to the weather, river water level could be way too high to cross, unable to cross rivers means no Gunung Murud, it would be too dangerous to goto the summit if there's a storm, most ppl don't see anything from the summit because of thick mist after 10:00am, outgoing flight could be canceled due to bad weather, risk of injury due the long muddy trek, worry for Uncle Yong, risk not being able to reach our campsites on time due to the rain+mud, etc etc BUT ! With a lot of luck, we have braved it all, seen it all, done it all .... I'm really proud with my team, everyone were really steady, dedicated, determined, calm and no complains, that's why they are superstars!

5 Days Trek log 
Day 1
5/2/2011 10:08 1169m De Plateau Lodge at Bario depart
5/2/2011 10:11 1169m Muddy 4x4 trail start
5/2/2011 10:45 1180m Muddy 4x4 trail end
5/2/2011 10:45 1178m Pa' ukat village arrive
5/2/2011 10:53 1177m Pa' ukat village depart
5/2/2011 10:56 1177m Muddy village trail start
5/2/2011 12:25 1249m Muddy village trail end
5/2/2011 12:26 1249m Lunch Day 1 break start
5/2/2011 12:50 1252m Lunch Day 1 break end
5/2/2011 12:54 1252m Muddy village trail start
5/2/2011 14:25 1214m Muddy village trail end
5/2/2011 14:26 1214m Pa' lungan village arrive
Time(hours): 4:17
Distant(KM): 11.90

Day 2
5/3/2011 9:51 1168m Pa' lungan village Batu Ritung Lodge depart
5/3/2011 9:54 1167m Muddy village trail start
5/3/2011 10:30 1174m Swamp Crossing start
5/3/2011 10:38 1177m Swamp Crossing end
5/3/2011 10:39 1180m Muddy village trail end
5/3/2011 12:11 1197m Lunch Day 2 break start
5/3/2011 12:31 1202m Lunch Day 2 break end
5/3/2011 12:32 1202m Muddy jungle trail start
5/3/2011 14:58 1242m Tea Day 2 break start
5/3/2011 15:10 1243m Tea Day 2 break end
5/3/2011 15:33 1226m River Crossing start
5/3/2011 15:56 1223m River Crossing end
5/3/2011 16:03 1227m Muddy jungle trail end
5/3/2011 16:03 1227m Long Repung arrive
Time(hours): 6:12
Distant(KM): 9.70

Day 3
5/4/2011 8:28 1163m Long Repung depart
5/4/2011 9:30 1173m Muddy jungle trail start
5/4/2011 9:30 1173m River Crossing 1 arrive
5/4/2011 10:21 1177m River Crossing 2 arrive
5/4/2011 10:46 1181m River Crossing 3 arrive
5/4/2011 11:07 1203m Muddy jungle trail end
5/4/2011 11:08 1204m Junction to Camp 2 arrive
5/4/2011 11:08 1206m Steep hike start
5/4/2011 11:29 1337m Lunch Day 3 break start
5/4/2011 12:03 1342m Lunch Day 3 break end
5/4/2011 16:25 2095m Steep hike end
5/4/2011 16:26 2096m Cut into Plank trail arrive
5/4/2011 16:26 2096m Muddy plank trail start
5/4/2011 17:31 2157m Muddy plank trail end
5/4/2011 17:32 2157m Steep hike start
5/4/2011 17:41 2198m Batu Linanit arrive
5/4/2011 18:30 2073m Steep hike end
5/4/2011 18:31 2070m Church camp arrive
Time(hours): 10:02
Distant(KM): 13.80

Day 4
5/5/2011 7:22 2078m Church camp depart
5/5/2011 9:24 2143m Kebun Batu arrive
5/5/2011 11:13 2423m Gunung Murud arrive
5/5/2011 11:13 2423m Lunch Day 4 break
5/5/2011 11:54 2420m Gunung Murud depart
5/5/2011 14:59 2095m Church camp arrive
Time(hours): 7:37
Distant(KM): 9.10

Day 5
5/6/2011 6:44 2079m Church camp depart
5/6/2011 6:46 2079m Shortcut Jungle muddy trail start
5/6/2011 7:30 2160m Shortcut Jungle muddy trail end
5/6/2011 7:31 2160m Plank muddy trail start
5/6/2011 8:54 2045m Plank muddy trail end
5/6/2011 9:04 2020m Very Steep jungle trail start
5/6/2011 9:16 1951m Very Steep jungle trail end
5/6/2011 9:20 1941m Jungle trail start
5/6/2011 10:03 1723m Jungle trail end
5/6/2011 10:04 1721m Lepo Bunga arrive
5/6/2011 10:20 1723m Lepo Bunga depart
5/6/2011 10:20 1722m 4x4 trail start
5/6/2011 11:36 1247m River + Bridge arrive
5/6/2011 11:36 1247m Lunch Day 5 break start
5/6/2011 11:59 1250m Lunch Day 5 break end
5/6/2011 13:10 1517m 4x4 trail end
5/6/2011 13:11 1518m Jungle trail start
5/6/2011 15:46 1041m Jungle trail end
5/6/2011 15:46 1040m Ba'Kelalan village trail arrive
5/6/2011 16:23 1020m Ba'Kelalan Apple Lodge arrive
Time(hours): 9:38
Distant(KM): 18.20

Total Time(hours): 38:06:51
Total Distant(KM): 62.70 

Pitcher Plants of Murud

From lowland to highland, they are everywhere

Species list

Nepenthes tentaculata

Nepenthes chaniana

Nepenthes lowii

Nepenthes murudensis

Nepenthes muluensis

Nepenthes reinwardtiana

Nepenthes hurrelliana

Nepenthes stenophylla

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gunung Swettenham 1,961m

Date: 09 - 10 Apr 2011
Location: Gunung Swettenham, from Blue Valley, Cameron Highlands
Altitude: 1,961m ASL
Campsite: At the summit, good for 3 flys and 2 tents. Campsite is sort of like multilevel, should be nice for 10-12.
LWP: 1:40mins before summit at 1650m ASL
Difficulty: 4.7/10 (
Hike duration: 2D1N
Camera: Canon Powershot G10
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS3
Members: Dan, Hoon, Bun, Kong, Khai Chern, Lucy, Ah Kau
My reason to go there: Never been there, love to see what the place is like. I miss hiking mountains, camping, leeches, sandflies, water points, cooking, sleeping under the flysheet, my GPS, the feeling, etc…

Trek log - Ascend only 
4/9/2011 9:25 1396 m Car Park - leave
4/9/2011 11:24 1747 m False Peak - arrive [lunch]
4/9/2011 11:41 1747 m False Peak - leave
4/9/2011 12:24 1639 m LWP - arrive
4/9/2011 12:53 1639 m LWP - leave
4/9/2011 14:19 1961 m Gunung Swettenham - arrive
Total hike time: 4:53

3 Generations of palm flower/fruits 

Gang at the LWP

Squirrel like animal

just b4 dinner

dinner is served

Hoon kena sandflies

Pitcher plant