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Gunung Chamah 2,171m

Beautiful camp Tongkat Ali
Date: 19 Jan 2008 - 22 Jan 2008
Location: Gunung Chamah, Kelantan
From: Kuala Betis, Gua Musang
Altitude: 2,171m ASL
Difficulty: 7.4/10

Hike duration: 3D/2N
A.K.A.: G5 of Semenanjung Malaysia
A.K.A.: G10 of Malaysia
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Filter: Hoya CPL
Post editing: PS CS2
Organizer: Doreen
Assistant: Kean
Members: Dan, Lucy, KL Tan, Andrew Yeap and CS Law
Guide: 1 orang asli guide from Kuala Betis
My reason to go there: To complete G12, I have to conquer it because it is one of the “G” mountains.

Gunung Chamah is the 5th highest peak in West Malaysia at 2171m in Kelantan, near to Perak's boder
Oraganiser: Doreen
Assistant: Kean

Team members: Dan, Andrew Yeap, Lucy Ng, CS Law, KL Tan
18 Jan 08
08:30pm – 11:30pm (3 hrs) Butterworth – Kg. Rajah by car

19 Jan 08
07:30am – 09:00am (1.5hrs) Kg. Rajah – Kuala Betis by car
11:00am – 03:00pm (4 hrs) Kuala Betis – Kg. Rekom by 4x4
03:30pm – 06:30pm (3 hrs) Kg. Rekom(900m asl) – Kem Tongkat Ali(1200m asl) – start of hike

20 Jan 08
09:30am – 03:00pm (5.5hrs) Kem Tongkat Ali(1200m asl) – LWP(1900m asl, 5mins down slope) – Summit of Chamah(2171m asl)

21 Jan 08
08:30am – 11:20am (2hrs 50min) Summit of Chamah(2171m asl) – Kem Tongkat Ali(1200m asl)
12:30pm – 02:30pm (2hrs) Kem Tongkat Ali – Kg. Rekom – end of hike
03:15pm – 06:15pm (3hrs) Kg. Rekom – Kuala Betis by 4x4
06:30pm – 07:00pm (30mins) Kuala Betis – Gua Musang by car
08:00pm Dinner

22 Jan 08
10:30am – 12:00pm (1.5hrs) Gua Musang – Cameron Highlands by car
04:00pm - 06:30pm (2.5hrs) Kg. Rajah – Butterworth by car

Rewards of this trip
1. Nice campsite at Kem Tongkat Ali, Sungai Rekom flows beside it.
2. Nice campsite at the summit of Chamah, wide, shady and clean.
3. Good weather on day 1 and day 2.
4. 4x4 able to reach Kg. Rekom despite all obstacles along the muddy balak road
5. No Agas-agas at the summit
6. Really nice hike going up hill and down hill for around 10 times before reaching the summit of Chamah, the trail was clear and nice.
7. No other “kiasu” group to fight for campsite …. (like those at Ulu Sepat, kakaka)
8. 11°C-13°C during the night
8. Nice dinner at Gua Musang

Challenges of this trip
1. Wet balak road causing 4 gruesome hours of 4x4 journey into Kg. Rekom
2. Agas-agas(sand flies) at Kem Tongkat Ali, although not as bad at Ulu Sepat, it is still very irritating.
3. Rain on day 3 for around 2 hrs before ending at Kg Rekom.

Overall each person spent around RM150.00(driver) + RM80.00(for passenger)

- Guide Fees 3D2N: RM200.00/7pax for 1 Orang Asli guide
- 4WD: from Kuala Betis – Kg. Rekom x 2 ways - RM700.00/7pax

- Entrance fees: NIL
- Camp site fees: NIL
- Permit fees: FOC
- Food: approx. RM20.00/person
- Transport: Passangers AA share petrol + tol cost - Drivers don't pay - RM80.00 each passanger

I like Chamah, it is still very … hmmm natural. The hike difficulty level is perhaps equivalent to the other G mountains like Ulu.S/YY. I was told that Chamah is the hardest among the G7 mounts (excluding transpex/Merapoh-K.Tahan), but I do not think so now. It is about the same as the others, perhaps even easier.

I believe that when we feel good, we will enjoy the journey, and when we feel bad, even Penang hill will be hard to scale.
So how to feel good? Easy …..
1. Be in tip top physical condition, ample training prior to any big hike is crucial
2. Be mentally prepared, be confident, be vigilant, be independent
3. Do not force to go fast, do not force to go slow. Hike at your own pace, feel happy with your advance
4. Know when to stop, always stop and rest before your body force you to, it would be too late then. Take a break, have a kit kat.
5. Have enough sleep and food and water
6. Keep your feet dry…..


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