Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gunung Charlie 1,923m

Date: 01 May 2010 - 02 May 2010 [2D/1N]
Location: Gunung Charlie, Cameron Highlands
Altitude: 1,923m ASL
Campsite: At the summit, multi-level, fits at least 2 flies + 3 tents
Difficulty: 6.6/10

Trail length: 6.1km
Camera: Canon G10
Filter: none
Post editing: PS CS3
Organizer: Kentat
Members : Uncle Yong, Dan, Lucy, Steven Heng, Fau Ah Kau, Lim Fang Hau, Ah Fatt, Khai Chern & KL Tan

My reason to go there: Gunung Charlie had been on my radar for a long time, heard that it is beautiful up there. When I got there, indeed it is a beautiful mountain, we could see a lot of other surrounding mountains from there.

Hike log [Copied from KL Tan’s album]
30th Apr, 2010 (Friday)
1900 Meet at my house & simple dinner at Alma Food court
2030 Heading to Cameron
2200 Meet Kentat group at Simpang Pulai entrance
2300 Kampung Raja Guan Ti Temple
2330 Foods & Load distribution & packing
2400 zzzz

1st May, 2010 (Saturday)
0610 Wake up, clean up, packing
0700 Breakfast
0800 4WD Pick up from Kampung Raja
0830 Starting point, warm up & gear up
0840 River crossing
0940 Refill water at water point
1120 Early lunch at Puncak 6040
1330 Puncak Tiga Negeri, Three Boundaries (Perak/Pahang/Kelantan)
1430 Last Water source, final refill
1530 Challi/Charlie Peak
1630 Clean up, set up flysheet & relax
1730 Prepare Dinner
1830 Makan
1930 Tong sui time...
2130 Star watching & cakap banyak
2200 zzzzz (Temperature around 14.1 C at that time)

2nd May, 2010 (Sunday)
0640 Wake up call
0700 Sunrise photo
0800 Breakfast & Packing
0930 Group photo before leaving Challi/Charlie peak
0940 Bye bye challie/Charlie
1040 Three boundaries
1120 Wrong route...steep descend/ascend, wasted 20++ mins... according to Fatt... this route will lead us to Bubu.
1240 Lunch break before Puncak 6040
1535 River crossing, clean up and waiting for 4WD to pick up
1600 4WD transfer to Kampung Raja
1630 Bathe & clean up at Guan Ti Temple
1730 Early dinner
1900 Strawberry juice before leaving
2000 Balik Kampung
2130 Home sweet home