Friday, 8 February 2008

Gunung Korbu, Gayong + Y.Belar

Date: 08 Feb 08 - 12 Feb 08 [5D/4N]
Location: Gunung Korbu, Gayong + Y.Belar - Perak-Pahang-Kelantan
Altitude: >2,100m ASL
Difficulty: 8.0/10 (
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Tokina AT-X 124 AF Pro DX 12-24mm f/4
Filter: none
Post editing: PS CS3
Organizer: Dan
Assistant: Kean(equipments) and KL Tan(transportation)
Members: Doreen, Lucy, CS Law and Sam MJ
My reason to go there: I could kill 3 birds with 1 stone(meaning: I could conquer 3 “G” mountains all together in this trip). I heard that it is really beautiful up there and I heard that it is a very challenging trail, I want to do it.

Mountains reached
Gunung Korbu/哥布峰 7162ft/2183m (G2 or 2nd tallest in Semenanjung Malaysia)
Gunung Yong Belar/杨巴峰 7156ft/2181m (G3 or 3rd tallest in Semenanjung Malaysia)
Gunung Gayong/加永峰 7129ft/2173m (G4 or 4th tallest in Semenanjung Malaysia)
Puncak 6850 6850ft/2088m (G12 or 12th tallest in Semenanjung Malaysia)
Gunung Junction 6796ft/2071m

Our 5 days 4 nights journey started from a vegetable farm near Blue valley(Cameron Highlands) and ended at Ulu Kinta Dam(Near to Ipoh). Within that duration we have traversed the summits of Korbu, Gayong and Yong Belar, 3 of the G7 mountains(7 highest mountains in Peninsular Malaysia). And also the least known Gunung Junction - 6850.

With the completion of his trip Doreen has completed her G7 Quest.

........Waiting for Kean to supply..........
.............To be available................
..and he never did :P

Rewards of this trip 
- No rain, clear blue sky, starry nights
- Breathtaking views along Gunung Junction/6850
- Breathtaking views between Gunung Gayong and Korbu
- Breathtaking views after Gunung Korbu
- Fun technically demanding trail at some parts
- Trail was not as hard as we first thought. It is tough like any other G-mountains, but doable.
- I'm 3 steps closer to my G12 goal :), to date I have completed 8 G`s of G12

Challenges of this trip 
- Day 1, 1.5 hours 4x4 delay wasted a lot of time
- Sam fell and injured her ankle on day 1, therefore pace has slowed down tremendously on day 1 & 2
- Night hike to Yong Belar's peak, reached the peak at >8:30pm
- Some technically demanding trail(steep) may be dangerous to the ladies, so guys need to keep an eye on
- Heavy load on day 1 after Kem Kasut, coz guys need to carry extra amount of water from there
- Heavy load on day 3 after Kem Cerek, load didn't reduce coz 4.5 lits of water in bag
- Going down to get water at Kem Cerek, it was a scary long way down/up alone .. spooky!

- Total cost approx. RM230 each person (guides, all transport, food, etc)
- Transport: Car - Ipoh - Blue Valley - 120.00/7 pax
- Transport: Van - Ipoh - Blue Valley - 140.00/7 pax
- Transport: Van - Ulu Kinta to Ipoh - 30.00/7 pax
- Guide Fees: RM80 x 5 days x 2 asli - 800.00/7 pax
- 4WD: Blue Valley to Starting point(Vege farm) - 60.00/7 pax
- 4WD: Ulu Kinta to Ipoh - 60.00/7 pax
- Administrative fee - 100.00/7 pax
- Food: 241.64/7 pax
- Transport: Passangers AA share petrol + tol cost - Drivers don't pay

- 5 days / 4 nights
- 7 team members + 2 Orang Asli guides (1 lead/1 sweep)
- Trekking time was 7-9 hours daily
- Started from Blue valley vegetable farm(Cameron Highlands)
- Ended at Ulu Kinta dam(Ipoh)
- Fireworks at Gayong's peak; sponsored by CS Law
- Doreen completed G7
- Some sandflies at Kem H20 and Kem Cerek(water point)
- Some bees at Sungai Ulu Kinta (on the way to Ulu Kinta dam)
- Leeches at Kem Seroja and all the way down along Sungai Ulu Kinta
- Nice mossy forest before and after Gunung Yong Belar
- Patches of nice dwaft bamboo forest along many parts of the entire trail
- Steep descend after Gunung Yong Belar (muddy)
- Steep descend after Gunung Korbu (dry)
- Muddy trails before and after Yong Belar
- Dry trails at all other places
- Very windy at the summit of Yong Belar (10°c before bed time, possibly <8°c after 3:00am)
- Slightly windy at the summit of Gayong (8°c before bed time, possibly <5°c after 3:00am)

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