Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gunung Chabang 1,711m

Date: 11 Apr 2009 - 12 Apr 2009 [2D/1N]
Location: Gunung Chabang - Perak
Altitude: 1,711m ASL
Difficulty: 5.6/10
Trail length: 5.9km
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens 1: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Filter: none
Post editing: PS CS3
Organizer: Dan
Members: Lucy, Uncle Yong, Ah Du(杜), Ah Dao, James, Norman and Miow chin
Guide: Dan/Ah Du(杜)

My reason to go there
- Seen Chabang from Suku twice, and told myself I will wanna hike up there next time, that’s why I’m here now…..
Other Pictures
James -
KL Tan -
Lucy -
Day 1
07:45 am Meet at Juru tol
08:30 am Breakfast at Old town Ipoh
11:15 am PG gang meet KL gang at Pos Slim
11:40 am Hike Starts 500m
01:14 pm Reach Waterfall 825m
02:23 pm Lunch Break 1,223m
02:51 pm End Lunch Break 1,223m
03:27 pm Reach LWP 1,450m
03:57 pm Leave LWP1,450m
04:30 pm Reach False peak #1 1,660m
04:39 pm Reach False peak #2 1,680m
05:16 pm Reach Gunung Chabang’s summit 1,711m
Day 2
0930 am Break camp
1010 am Mandatory Group photo at summit
12:21 pm Reach Waterfall 825m
01:23 pm Leave Waterfall 825m
02:05 pm Reach Starting point 500m
04:30 pm Makan at Simpang Pulai, PG & KL gang say bye bye
Rewards of this trip 
- Cold 15.5c at night, which is nice
- All good hikers and good teammates, everything went smooth
- The waterfall was very nice to bathe in
- Beautiful view near False peak region
- Good food again
- Very steep trail, but very nice because it goes up all the way
- LWP is not too far from the summit, brownish but clean water

Challenges of this trip 
- Weather wasn’t that well, rained on and off on both days
- Sandflies again!!!! Kanasai still itchy until today, woke up 3 times on Sunday night(at home after the trip) to blow those darn itch with a hair dryer….
- Some leeches, normal population(not too much)
- Steep trail + rain water makes descending really slippery
- 4WD Fee: NIL
- Entrance fee: RM45.00 (volunteer amount paid to the Asli to take care of our cars)
- Camp site fee: NIL
- Guide fee: NIL
- Food: RM12.00/person
- Porters: NIL

- Day 1 – 5.5 hours hike up
- Day 2 – 3.5 hours hike down, exclude breaks
- The campsite near summit is not very spacious, 2 flys + 1 tent is the max
- The false peak may be able to take 1 fly + 1 tent, but it is very open and rocky
- Guides + porters can be hired from Pos Slim, the Orang Asli settlement
- We can see Irau, Brinchang, Suku, Yellow, Korbu, Gayong, Yong Belar, Chamah, Ulu Sepat, Tangga, Challi, Yellow, Pass, Yong Yap from here
- Met some students from Ipoh on the way down, they hiked 1 hour up for the nice little Waterfall
- The waterfall was awesome, I really wanna go back for the waterfall



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  1. congrats bro.. still thinking if i can make it to d top. this will be my first try, need some training n workout.. huuh