Monday, 1 January 2007

Gunung Bintang 1,862m 2007

Date: New year's eve of 2007 [2D/1N]
Location: Gunung Bintang + Gunung Bintang South, Kedah/Perak
From: Sebonton, Selama, Perak
Altitude: 1,862m ASL
Difficulty: 8.1/10 (
Camera: Canon Powershot A80
Lens: add-on wide angle adapter
Filter: NIL
Post editing: PS CS1
Organizer: Taiping Goh
Members: Dan, Lucy, KL Tan, Doreen, CS Law and other from KL/Johor
Guide: Taiping Goh
My reason to go there: Because I wanna hike Gunung Bintang, a mountain I see in front of me everyday when I drive to work along the Butterworth-Kulim Highway(BKE)

New year's eve of 2007 was spent hiking from Sebonton Perak to Bintang South(1560m) and Gunung Bintang(1862m). It was a long hike from the starting point passing Bintang South peak and then to the summit of Gunung Bintang. The trail was over grown with bamboos and Resam Ferns at many places, Ratan or the Malay Rotan thrive at places below 1700m yielded us many scars, multiple vertical climbs, indistinguishable path ways, muddy terrain and abundant animal paw marks from 1700m onwards, mossy forest with their gnarled tree trunks near the summit region, 15 Celsius and misty at night/morning. … and the scariest part was Tiger paw marks seems to be everywhere near the summit region and we had to hike until night fall when there’s no light except those of our headlamps emitting thru the thick mist and moisted montane forest, along pathways filled with animal foot prints ….. Elephant prints, tiger prints, rhino prints, bear prints, goat prints, wild boar prints, mouse deer prints, etc….


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